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Obagi ZO® Skin Health

25 years in the making, Dr. Zein Obagi’s ™ skin care line is bioengineered to brighten and treat discoloration, triggering the natural formation of collagen, reversing signs of aging. Meraki Med Spa offers a select combination of skin care products that restore all skin types and conditions.

ZO Skin Health is a scientifically advanced luxury skincare company that bridges the gap between science and beauty. ZO Skin Health is dedicated to producing highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products that deliver dramatic physiological improvements to the skin.

Our highly skilled medical esthetician will customize a 5 step skincare program just for YOU.


Take a Sip of Liquid Collagen and let Skinade do the work for you!
Skinade is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavored collagen drink which contains a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade collagen drinks improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.

How does it work?

Skinade delivers essential micronutrients in liquid form and helps to re-build the collagen matrix in your skin. skinade combats the signs of ageing by reducing oxidative stress, preventing cross linking of collagen fibres, increasing moisture and hydration, increasing natural hyaluronic acid production within the dermal layer of the skin. As a result skinade restores your skin’s youthful appearance, improves tone, texture, hydration, smooths furrow lines and improves skin suppleness. Come sip one with us!

After completing a course of skinade, our patients have reported the following results:

  • Increased skin hydration and radiance
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin suppleness
  • Healthier looking hair and nails
How do you use it?

Drink 1 bottle/sachet per day.
For skinade to be effective, it needs to become part of your skincare regime. For best results, we recommend that you drink one bottle each morning before or with breakfast. We would advise avoiding caffeine 1hr each side of taking skinade as caffeine can hinder the absorption of the essential micro-nutrients and collagen. If you’re feeling tired during the course of the day, the B vitamins in skinade will give you a natural energy boost.


Plump and smooth away the appearance of expression lines with wrinkle and puffiness solution from Jouvalle. This targeted solution uniquely blends Acai stem cell with encapsulated caffeine and vitamins A & E. When applied directly to fine lines and crows feet, this professional quality treatment will visibly diminish the length and depth of your deepest wrinkles, leaving your skin with the flawless finish of youthfulness.