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At Meraki Wellness & Med Spa, our main focus is to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, adding essential vitamins to your body, or just day to day beauty from the inside out, we are here to help.

Wellness Services

Oral supplements must be broken down in the digestive tract and absorbed by the body before the active ingredients can begin to exert their effects. Vitamin injections, however, provide direct delivery of nutrients into the body’s tissues, ensuring 100% absorption of the active ingredients. Vitamin injections result in higher levels of nutrients actively reaching their target tissues.

Wellness Injections

Weight loss is not one size fits all. In addition to your weight loss regimen, we have services that include Ultra Slim Shots, Fit Wraps, and Bioslimming products to help everyone attain their weight loss goals. It is our objective to help you feel good about yourself so that you can enjoy your life.