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Non Surgical 8 Point Liquid Face Lift

Experience the forefront of aesthetic innovation with Meraki Wellness & Med Spa’s non surgical liquid face lift treatments.

8 Point Liquid Face Lift

At Meraki Wellness & Med Spa, we understand that preserving your natural expressiveness is as important as smoothing out creases and fine lines. Our skilled practitioners use state-of-the-art injection techniques to refresh your appearance while maintaining your unique expressions. Whether it's softening frown lines, crow's feet, laugh lines, or lip lines, we have the expertise and experience to deliver results that beautifully align with how you feel inside.

Non Surgical Liquid Facelift treatments at Meraki are meticulously administered by our qualified Nurse Practitioners, PAs, or Physicians. We tailor each treatment to your specific needs.


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Where Beauty Meets the Mediterranean! Meraki Wellness & Med Spa is originated with european undertones of the most luxurious treatments for face, body and overall wellness.

What is an 8 point face lift?

The 8 point face lift is a non-invasive procedure to restore volume to 8 different areas of the face. Trained medical professionals insert a needle to inject advanced dermal fillers into certain targeted areas of the face. The purpose of the 8 point face lift is to provide a more voluminous, rejuvenated, and structured appearance. Another name for the 8 point face lift is the liquid face lift.

Do 8 point face lifts work?

The 8 point face lift works almost immediately. Most people experience visible changes immediately after having the procedure done. However, it does take about 2 weeks to completely settle in. An 8 point face lift contours and shapes the face and works to provide a more youthful appearance. It is a very discreet change for those who are more private about alterations made to their appearance.

How long does an 8 point face lift last?

The length of time can vary for each patient. The fillers injected can last up to 18 months. Fillers dissolve over time, and how long it lasts depends on many factors, including the specific type of filler formula used, how active those facial areas are, and metabolism levels.

Why Choose Meraki for Your 8 Point Face Lift Treatment?

At Meraki Wellness & Med Spa, your liquid face lift experience is tailored to your unique needs and beauty goals. Our dedicated team, trained in the latest techniques, ensures each treatment is precisely administered for optimal results. Choosing Meraki means choosing a partner in your beauty journey who values subtlety, effectiveness, and above all, your individuality. We’re committed to providing treatments that not only enhance your appearance but also maintain the essence of your natural expression

How much does an 8 point face lift cost?

The cost of an 8 point face lift procedure typically depends on the individual needs of the patient. The
best way to obtain an accurate cost of is to schedule a free consultation at our spa. One of our medical
practitioners can assess key points of interest and create a personalized treatment plan to achieve your

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The amazing feature of the 8 point face lift is that there is little to no downtime necessary. Patients are
able to return to most of their daily routines immediately after receiving treatment. However, it is
recommended to be very cautious for the first 72 hours, and avoid certain activities after receiving
treatment. You will be provided with all of the information necessary during your consultation.

The procedure is generally painless but patients can request a topical anesthetic. After the procedure,
you are examined for a few minutes to ensure that everything is fine prior to leaving. It is important to
avoid any strenuous exercises, alcohol or makeup within 24-48 hours of the procedure. Be sure to stay
away from direct sun exposure, tanning beds, and saunas for at least 72 hours as well.


Less time commitment

Cheaper alternative to the surgical procedure

Long lasting results



Results are not permanent

Not covered by insurance

Does take about 2-3 months to settle in